Paxyn Ezekiel (paxyn) wrote in grandia,
Paxyn Ezekiel


Well, a short little intro why not?
I'm a die-hard fan of Grandia. Not the second, third, five billionth... But the first one. That one is pure video game love for me. A lot of good memories playing that game.
I recently acquired a Dreamcast with Grandia II, but one of the cords doesn't work for it so I've got to find one before I can.

But seriously. Grandia. Major love. It's such a damn screaming shame that I can't find my Grandia discs. I've had them for years but I moved around a lot recently and as I'm sure many of you know, inevitably, stuff gets lost into the You're Moving Dimensional Rift.
I had the guide from Prima Games, it's hilarious how many spelling errors there are in there and messed pictures.

Rapp was always my favourite character. I wonder if there's a fan group for him?
Anyways, I'm Paxyn, call me Pax. PlayStation kid and all around Grandia boy.
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