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Grandia Mood Theme Set!

Grandia Mood Theme


I have done a Grandia LJ Mood Theme Set click the link below to download them.

Now this is a first for me so let me know if the link doesn't work (never used the site before). I have done two sets, one large (they are large!) and one small that is probably more appropriate for your LJ. Choose whichever you like.

The added bonus to this Mood Theme is that you can customize the moods for other Grandia character expressions. I've included the original head portrait shots I used so swap and change them, knock yourself out!=) To resize them use Photoshop and resize them to 50% of their original size. I have done it at 75% before but I can't remember where I put the Feena Mood Theme set.=\

READ THE INSTRUCTIONS in the READ ME FILE! Everything you need to do to upload them is there. You will of course need WinRar to unzip them. Simply download it from

I just spent the evening and night editing Bitmap into Gif, removing white backgrounds and resizing them so please do give me credit in your profile: copchase

When I can find the site that I got them from I’ll insert credit into the Read Me although it was years back when I found it and lost it.=(

Anyways enjoy!=D

P.S. Yes there are typos in the Winrar file, it's late what do you expect?
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