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So this was like finding the diamond in the rough.

This place has become pretty dead, but I thought I should post in it anyway.

I'm a huge fan of Grandia, namely the first. I got it one day at a pawn shop, and if that wasn't the luckiest thing I ever did. I played it when I was reaaaal young, but it's stuck with me till now. =D I even happen to roleplay it and draw it, too.

But in other news? Hello fellow Grandia lovers~!

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there's been interest in getting a tentative cast together in the past few weeks; me as Justin, selphie as Feena, orangebiscuits as Sue, swammi as Liete, there's a Guido...
it's all in the very rough stages and we haven't even brainstormed yet about where we'd like to play, but...interested? 83
Oh god, that sounds fun. I could be Leen, Saki, Nana, Mio, Mullen, Rapp or Milda without hassle.
jhdgksjdfhglskdjfhglskjdfh AUUUUUUGH I think I love you 8D I wish I could do Justin and Mullen both but I hate doing playercest jshldfkgjsd

sdfjghsldkjfg I totally need to pimp this shit out.

I'm currently travelling abroad, but I'm really trying to get this going because it would be so epicly awesome. Do you mind if I got your AIM contact info? I want us all to talk when I get back - discuss what kind of games each of us prefers, and then for all of us to look around and bring our suggestions. Also to brainstorm on plots and stuff :D
One problem with that. I don't use AIM. ... I might. Add me on Livejournal and we can speak from there, when my computer is rebooted I will upload MSN, AIM and Yahoo. Right now I only use Yahoo.
Okay, no problem! :> I can use Yahoo.
What is your Yahoo?
smdfhlsgjd sorry I'm late

sammywhatammy! :> I probably won't be on until after Saturday when I get home from travelling, because the wireless here isn't terribly reliable XD;
Hi Bubbleshock! Welcome to the community!

And thanks for the comment in my journal, that had ceased to function for a lot of time.

But your comment has brought me back to the world of LJ! XD

I think I'm back for good.

I was actually caught up in playing RPG's and working, so I apologize.
Finished re-playing G1 for about the 8th time (yeah, now that I think about it, that's a lot of hours in my life playing Grandia, wow! Yet I still love it to bits).
Same here. I could never get tired of it no matter how much I play it. I have my boyfriend coming from the UK soon, and I will be introducing it to him. =D
it makes sense this place would see some action the second i move and am without internet haha

oh well! Keep this place going! I'll be back soon!